Zapaska [UA]

Zapaska is an electro-acoustic duo (Ianina Shpachynska and Pavlo Nechytajlo) oscillating around the sound of indie-pop. The two artists create sounds via traditional instruments and electronics. One can find influences of rock, hip-hop and folktronics in their music, based mainly on Ukrainian melodics. Since its origination, i.e. from 2009, Zapaska have recorded two EPs: Lanka (2010, self-release), a Translitom (2011, Waves XXX). The duo have toured both Ukraine and abroad (Autumn 2011, February 2012 – a tour with the Slovakian duo, Longital). Zapaska undergoes constant change, enriching their sound; furthermore, their live performances frequently surpass the expectations of the audience, which recognize them only from their studio achievements. Despite all the changes, a crystal-clear and authentic fusion of sounds remains a constant in Zapaska.