Semantik Punk [PL]

Semantik Punk determine new regions of functioning and meanings of the word “punk” AD 2012. Now it’s not only a contestation of fixed musical and language forms of expression, as well as the formula for the functioning of an artist. It’s a performance which manifests the surpassing of limitations: an accomplished language, attachment to names, market rules. All that is the work of the guys previously known as Moja Adrenalina – a group said to be one of the most interesting phenomena on the Polish guitar-based scene in the recent years. This one of a kind performance took place by the way of publishing a release recorded in Los Angeles with the legendary producer Ross Robinson (among others, The Cure, At The Drive In, Sepultura) entitled “abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz”

This riddle-album for the critics brings portions of avant-garde music and lyrical character in almost song-like form. It’s 47 minutes of unfettered expression, surpassing its time without a doubt.

The musicians themselves say that” Semantik Punk is a scream about the inexpressible. Violence directed towards emptiness. Is is violence giving birth to love”.