Simon Kardum [SI]

Cultural policy strategist, journalist. In 1988 he graduated in Slovenian language and literature as well as Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. In years 1988-1997 he worked as a dramaturg for contemporary stage performances, an artistic director of festivals, a lecturer and was notably one of the most piercing critics and analysts in fields of art, culture and cultural policy. In years 1997–2005 he worked at the Ministry of culture and participated in the development of Ministry’s major projects and strategic programmes, he resigned from his position to become a freelance journalist. From 2006 he served as Programme Director of Cerknica cultural centre; from 2008 as General Manager-in-Office of Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture and from 2009 as General Manager.

Kino Šiška Centre is a centre for contemporary and urban creativity serving Ljubljana and wider Slovenia. It is the first and only Slovenian project of its kind to be dedicated to music, theatre, dance and experimental productions. Having listed more than 900 events in three years, Kino Šiška with its programme stands for and combines urbanity, multiculturalism, political impartiality, technological progress, while also promoting innovation, creativity and international cooperation.