The Asymmetry Convention is organized by the Centre for Artistic Activities “Firlej” and the Eclectica Foundation between May 2nd- 4th 2013 at the Wrocław Congress Centre.

The Convention is a meeting place of Europeans from the East and West, thus enabling an exchange of views, cultural and musical education, as well as experiencing values together. It is a festivity of individuals seeking creative interactions, actively creating a new quality.

The main aim is the creation of a forum of debate about contemporary culture, utilizing the potential of new media and modern business models as well as the enforcement of the social capital via the forming of a partnership between cultural institutions and creators.

A series of presentations, workshops, trainings and trade meetings will take place as a part of the event. A trade fair space will be set up as well. Moreover, discussions on the following topics will take place: the influence of a festival on the local development, role of new media in culture, the investments on the creative industry and copyrights in the age of digitalization.

The Convention is also a music stage, which will witness the presentation of very interesting acts from Estonia, Ukraine and Poland. This element was programmed together with our partners from the foreign music festivals and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Our vision

We wish to become a platform of activities of a social – cultural dimension; become a substructure for the creation of a cultural bridge, which will connect the key European values represented by the East and West of Europe.

Our goals:

  • Publicizing the knowledge on the character of changes culture in undergoing and the activities serving the social and cultural dialogue. We want to connect and inspire different culture-forming circles from Lower Silesia, Poland and Western and Eastern Europe, as well as presenting their artistic, organizational and intellectual output.
  • Passing the “know-how” on organizational forms, ways of social communication and innovative technologies in creating cultural phenomena and events.
  • Enabling the attendees establishing contacts, creating a corner-stone for building relations and Interrelations serving the international co-productions and obtaining external sources for their production.
  • Presenting the most interesting phenomena concerned with the, so-called, current music of the Polish alternative scene and curator proposals of European festival directors to the organizers of cultural life from Lower Silesia and Europe.