BNNT is one of Konrad Smoleński’s audio-performative projects, where he is accompanied by Daniel Szwed (among others, Woody Alien / Mothra) on drums. In this project, the artists treat both sound and the visual form of the performance equally. Daniel’s uniquely beefy and compressed ways of playing the drums, resembling delivering the kit blows, is faced by an amassed attack by distorted sounds coming from a baritone guitar-rocket. The four-string instrument, constructed by Konrad, is a ‘scalped’ copy of an air to earth missile, and its construction allows the musician to obtain a stereo sound. Currently the group performs, both, in its stage form as well as conducts their sonic attacks in urban spaces under the name SoundBombing.

Deathcats [EST]

Deathcats is an three-person all-female rock band from Estonia. So far, the group has performed with some renown local bands like, among others, Nevesis, Pedigree, Talbot, Vennaskond, Tolmunud Mesipuu. Musical influences range mainly from grunge music from the beginning of the 90s and rock’n’roll with a little bit of blues. Deathcats are: Kiina – drums, Luka – guitars, vocals, Kristi – bass.

Kaido Kirikmäe [EST]

Kaido Kirikmäe is an Estonian electronic and experimental music composer. He began as a psychedelic punk-rocker, artists and lyricist. Since the half of the 90s, KirikmŠe focuses on experimental music. His compositions are like balancing on the verge of a soundscape inspired by nature and the laws of the wildlife. He performs his works by using acoustic instruments and loops. Kaido Kirikmäe  has performed in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

Kakaxa [UA]

Kakaxa was formed in 2011. The line-up consists of three musicians: Kotkjuk Sergij, Perwak Myhajlo and Lewina Marija. The directions of the band’s activity are quite diverse, and are hard to subscribe to a particular genre. Their music is a combination of experimental, electronic rhythms with jazz music elements. Kakaxa is a young, active group which are willing to act and improve their skills. They want to present their music, both, on Ukrainian and European stages.

Napszykłat [PL]

A duo, working in Poznań and consisting of Robert Pernikowski and Marek Karolczyk. Their music balances on the border of experimental electronics, noise, post-dubstep and hip-hop, while Piernikowski’s lyrics and voice is like a world behind the glass – one of its own. Napszykłat have set their individual path, not paying attention to the surroundings; they have worked out their own music language, thanks to which they became one of the most interesting phenomena in modern Polish music and have met with appreciation abroad and numerous performances on such festivals as, among others, Unsound Festival in New York, Primavera Festival in Barcelona. Their most recent release, “Kultur Shock” (2011), which features a guest performance by MC Dälek, has gathered an number of outstanding ritual events.

Perkalabski Prydatky [UA]

Perkalabski Prydatky is a project on the verge of pastiche – a ‘party version’ of the Ukrainian band Perkalaba. Their tracks are very frequently created in spite of generally accepted rules. The mentioned compositions delight with rhythm and motion, sincerity of artistic expression; oscillate between punk ska and folk. Moreover, bring out frantic movement and dance in stead of aesthetic investigations.

Plum [PL]

Plum was founded by brothers Rafał and Marcin Piekoszewscy in 1999, in Stargard Szczeciński. Their music is characterized by an uncompromising attitude, energy and compositional sensitivity as well as mature, developed compositions in a slight melancholic vibe. The whole in completed by lyrics full of reflection and claustrophobic tension. The press has frequently compared their output to Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard, Girls vs Boys. So far, they have recorded three albums and performed tens of times in Poland, Czech, Germany and England.

Semantik Punk [PL]

Semantik Punk determine new regions of functioning and meanings of the word “punk” AD 2012. Now it’s not only a contestation of fixed musical and language forms of expression, as well as the formula for the functioning of an artist. It’s a performance which manifests the surpassing of limitations: an accomplished language, attachment to names, market rules. All that is the work of the guys previously known as Moja Adrenalina – a group said to be one of the most interesting phenomena on the Polish guitar-based scene in the recent years. This one of a kind performance took place by the way of publishing a release recorded in Los Angeles with the legendary producer Ross Robinson (among others, The Cure, At The Drive In, Sepultura) entitled “abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz”

This riddle-album for the critics brings portions of avant-garde music and lyrical character in almost song-like form. It’s 47 minutes of unfettered expression, surpassing its time without a doubt.

The musicians themselves say that” Semantik Punk is a scream about the inexpressible. Violence directed towards emptiness. Is is violence giving birth to love”.


Tolmunud Mesipuu [EST]

Tolmunud Mesipuu was founded in 2005 by Ander Roots (guitars), Lauri Pajos (drums) and Heiki Lepist (bass) in Tartu, Estonia. Mesipuu are an amazing concert act, very energetic and hypnotizing. The band’s furthermost and most exotic performance experience was performing near the Moscow-based Kremlin. Their music can be described as a mixture of psychedelics and the avant-garde of post-rock, punk and grunge as well as acid-country.

Woody Alien [PL]

Woody Alien is a duo founded by Marcin Piekoszewki in 2000, in Stargard Szczeciński. Woody Alien, with their bass-drum compositions, reach the realms where jazz-core meets raw noise. There’s a lot of punk attitude here, rhythmic gunfire bulleted by a raw, but sometimes melodic vocal. The band’s biggest asset is their loyalty towards the worked out sound and a powerful amount of spontaneous energy bursting from this bass-drum steam roller; and energy which Woody Alien try to squeeze out, from this minimalistic convention, to the last drop.

Zapaska [UA]

Zapaska is an electro-acoustic duo (Ianina Shpachynska and Pavlo Nechytajlo) oscillating around the sound of indie-pop. The two artists create sounds via traditional instruments and electronics. One can find influences of rock, hip-hop and folktronics in their music, based mainly on Ukrainian melodics. Since its origination, i.e. from 2009, Zapaska have recorded two EPs: Lanka (2010, self-release), a Translitom (2011, Waves XXX). The duo have toured both Ukraine and abroad (Autumn 2011, February 2012 – a tour with the Slovakian duo, Longital). Zapaska undergoes constant change, enriching their sound; furthermore, their live performances frequently surpass the expectations of the audience, which recognize them only from their studio achievements. Despite all the changes, a crystal-clear and authentic fusion of sounds remains a constant in Zapaska.