Alexandr Bogdanov [BY]

The president of BoPromo Agency. Organizer of about 400 concerts and festivals which featured Belarusian and foreign performers. Moreover, organizer of numerous tours around Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland of Belarusian music groups, that are administrated by the BoPromo agency. Alexandr Bogdanov has been awarded with the musical prize “Steppenwolf” in the category “Worker of the Year”. The award was established by the Moscow International Open Book Festival (MMOKF) and by the curator of the festival’s Art Music programme Artemiy Troitsky.

Alexandr Voronuic [MOL]

Alexandr Voronuic is the President of the NGO “Art-Labyrinth“, an alternative art and culture organisation dedicated to promoting diverse art, music and culture in Moldova. Since its inception, 6 years ago, Art-Labyrinth has organised an annual 3-day summer festivals and year-round concerts, events, workshops and seminars at its centre in Chisinau, Moldova.

Andrzej Hordyj [PL]

Polish economist, specializing in business finances, official, member of the local government, academic tutor. Born on 6.I.1975 in Bielawa, Dolnośląskie voivodeship. Has graduated from, consecutively, Primary School no.2 in 1989 and subsequently – the math-physics profile class at the Bolesław Chrobry High School. After successfully passing the final high school exam in 1993, begun study at the Oskar Lange Economic Academy in Wrocław, where he received the MA title in management and marketing.

Between October 1st, 1998 – October 31st, 2001 has occupied the post of marketing specialist at ZPB “Bielbaw” S.A.; subsequently, on October 18th, 2004, took over the position of the city development vice-mayor. At the same time began work as an academic tutor at the newly created Polish-Czech Business and Sport Academy “Collegium Glacense”, where six years later he took over the post of chancellor. Earlier, in 2005, received the title of doctor of economy (specialization: business finances, based on the work entitled “Diversification as an element of business finance strategy”, written under the direction of professor Bogumiła Bernasia) at his vernacular academy.

Anna Miler [PL]

Project coordinator in the Arteria Association, which works in the field of cultural animation in the area of Polish Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot). Arteria creates projects within marginal or peripheral areas of art. They try to discover what is omitted in art and reach the groups that have limited access to art and culture.

Bartek Kuzia [PL]

Musician, author of the blog “Blog de Bart” dedicated to alternative medicine and politics; co-founder of the leftists think-tank “Dyskurs, Kultura, Nauka [Discourse, Culture, Science]”. Also runs the cuisine blog “Gotuj z Cthulhu [Cook with Cthulhu]”.

Beáta Seberíniová [SK]

Programme cordinator of KC DUNAJ, the culture centre in the strict centre of Bratislava. On the space covering an area of 900m 2 they organise literature readings, discussions, film and theater shows, concerts and parties. The building of KC DUNAJ is beatiful piece of 30′s architecture.

Grímur Atlason [IS]

Manager of the Iceland Airwaves music festival, former mayor of Dalabyggð, Bolungarvík and music group manager. He has co-operated with, among others, Mark Almond, Happy Mondays, Emiliana Torrini, Retro Stefson, FM Belfast, Anthony and the Johnsons, Blonde Redhead, Sufjan Stevens, Joanna Newsom, Television, The Fall and Morrisey.

Iceland Airwaves is a five-day festival taking place in Reykjavik with the no. of attendees ranging around 7500 and 200 music groups, who meet in cameral, atmospheric locations all around Reykjavik. Iceland Airwaves presents diverse music styles, from electronic music to metal, indie rock and singer-song writers. The festival exposes the output of, mainly, young talented artists, who gain the status of stars shortly after performing in Reykjavik.

Grzegorz Brzozowicz [PL]

Journalist, music critic, publicist, animator of culture, initiator and director of the “Poza Kontrolą [Out of Control]” music festival. Magazine, radio and television station associate, among others, “Non Stop”, “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Machina” “Dziennik”, “Playboy”, “Trójka”, “Radio Kolor”,”TVP2”, “TVP Kultura”. Originator of the “Yugoton/Yugopolis” music project and the Polish releases by Goran Bregović. Author of books, among others, “Sto płyt które wstrząsnęły światem [Hundred Albums that Shook the World]”, “Muniek”.

Jacek Burban [PL]

Film maker, shared economy enthusiast, co-founder of the Warsaw department of the Cohabitat foundation. Creator of a series of Cohabitat’s promotional films,among others, for the needs of a crowdfunding campaign, which gathered 90 thousand PLN (Polish zlotys). Currently runs ‘Mieszadło ‘ – a workshop space in Warsaw, where he creates the programme, image and mops the floor.

Jakub Knera [PL]

Journalist, sociologist and animator. Editor of the music magazine and creator of the web portal, dedicated to the music of the Trójmasto region. Has worked and published in the Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto and portal. He interests include the broadly understood culture, researching culture and the analysis of cultural events and attending them; co-creator of the “Poszerzenie pola kultury [Broadening of the field of culture]” report. His interests also include investigating the role of modern art in society.

Jakub Sobczak [PL]

Manager of the first ever Polish social-based financing platform – A doctorate at the Technology University of Poznań Faculty of Electronics and Communication. An enthusiast of aeronautics and two-way radios.

Jakub Żmijowski „Zgas” [PL]

One of the leading Polish beatboxers. Has co-operated with Me Myself And I music group for several years. Currently performs solo, with the Fpat Wypat beatbox crew and L.U.C.. Is the pillar of the Kwartludium Beatbox project, initiated for the needs of the 51st Warszawska Jesień Festival [Warsaw Autumn Festival]. Currently co-works with Chonabibe Soundsystem.

Jarek Szubrycht [PL]

Editor-in-chief of the T-Mobile Music portal. Journalist, associate of, among others, “Polityka”.

Jarosław Wroński [PL]

Mayor of Bolków, enjoying a lot of social confidence. Long-term political activist.

John Giulio Sprich [DE]

Co-founded the Euroblast Festival in 2008. The Euroblast Festival is now organised by the Euroblast Collective, which represents the business expansion of the event covering not only the production of the festival but also other business areas as the organisation of the Euroblast Tour, Booking, Artist -Management and PR for selected artists. John and co-founder Dr. Daniel Schneider managed to build the festival from scratch to the worldwide number 1 Djent, Prog Tech Metal Festival it is today. Maintaining the highest quality of bands possible has been at the center of attention for each of the festivals. One of his commitments within the Euroblast Collective for the past 2 years has been the management of Century Media signed artists Monuments.

Joost Heijthuijsen [NL]

Director of the interdisciplinary festival Incubate, taking place in the Dutch city of Tilburg. The festival presents various kinds of art, including music, modern dance, film and visual art. Its aim is presenting the alternative culture as a whole. Over 200 artists take part in the festival. Black metal side by side with free jazz, street art with modern dance. Apart from the festival, numerous music showcases take place every month under the banner of Incubate.

Joy Arpots [NL]

Deputy artistic director of Eindhoven 2018 – the candidate city to the title of European Culture Capital. A member of cultural advisory committees, such as the Fund for the Performing Arts and the Council for Culture of the Netherlands. Moreover, he has co-operated with numerous organizations and festivals, among others, Popvenue Doornroosje in Nijmegen, Chasse Theatre in Breda, Koninklijke Schouwburg in Hague, Music Palace Vredenburg in Utrecht.

Kaido Kirikmäe [EST]

Director of the Patarei Kultuuritolm festival, taking place in Tallinn, composer of electronics and experimental music. Lyrics author, who began his music activity in 1990 as an artist creating psychedelic rock and punk. He presents his music with the help of acoustic /analogue instruments and loopers, creating newer and newer unique sound images which arise and disappear within few moments in real-time. Kaido Kirikmäe performs in churches, as well as clubs all around Europe.

Kamil Zając [PL]

Creator of the “Tkliwi nihiliści opanowujący pozycję dystansu [Affectionate Nihilists Acquiring Detachment]” facebook group. Writes the periodical “Pamiętniki z felietonu [Diaries from the Column]”. Runs the blog. Author of the “Pieśni Muniny Schwartz vel Adabisi [Songs of Munina Schwartz vel Adabisi]”, which was published in the prestigious American “New Letters” quarterly. A theatre spectacle created in Riverside, California is based on the release.

Karol Król [PL]

President of the Sp. Z o.o. management board, the publisher of offering a wide range of services for entrepreneurs and authors of social-based financing project. Karol Król is the co-founder and vice president of the Polskie Towarzystko Crowdfundingu [The Polish Crowdfunding Association], responsible for promoting crowdfunding in Poland. Also performs the duties of the ambassador for the Baltic European Crowdfunding Network; furthermore,  a member of the World Crowdfunding Forum Council and some international branch organizations.

Karolina Morawska [PL]

A passionate of ‘peoplelogy’ specializing in girls games, researcher and fan of new media. On a daily basis, a brand alchemist and product manager in the technology branch. Speaker and attendee of the Geek Girls Carrosts meetings. Conducts classes touching upon electronic communication and cyber-culture, for Polish and foreign students. After hours can be met on the Wrocław jogging paths.

Katarzyna Grabowska [PL]

Krzysztof Rakowski [PL]

Artistic director and initiator of the Castle Party festival. Long-term activist for the promotion and positive image of the Bolków municipality. Honourable Citizen of Bolków.

The Castle Party Festival is one of the biggest gothic rock music festivals, taking place at the turn of July and August at the castle in Bolków. A few thousand fans of gothic rock, gothic metal, industrial and related genres visit the festival. An interesting phenomenon is that part of the audience dress in various types of clothing, pose to photos and thus create an atmosphere of a unique festivity.

Mariusz Herma [PL]

A journalist of “Polityka” and author of the “” music blog. Previously an associate of the “Przekrój” editorial office, at the same time published in “Machina”, “Bluszcz” and the T-Mobile Music portal. Has also conducted lectures, among others, on the Kardynał Stefan Wyszyński University and Collegium Civitas.

Mat Schulz [PL]

Mat Schulz is co-founder and artistic director of Unsound. Starting out in Krakow in 2003, Unsound has become something of a worldwide phenomenon, taking place in New York, at the Adelaide Arts Festival in Australia, Minsk, Tbilisi and other places. Unsound has also been active in commissioning a large number of new works, ranging from small-scale electronic pieces to “Solaris” by Ben Frost, Daniel Bjarnason, Brian Eno and Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestra. Many of these commissioned works have been performed around the world.

Max Fuzowski [PL]

Maxim Silva Vega [RU]

Musical promoter, director of Avantfest festival in Moscow. Worked as journalist at several Russian media, also thought history of world literature at Moscow State University. Avant is a very versatile event: from pop music, rock and contemporary experimental music – like post- and indie-rock – to electronic. For the last nine years the festival has hosted more than one hundred of the most significant independent Russian acts as well as numerous important foreign acts.

Małgorzata Napiontek [PL]

Gameplay designer in CD Projekt RED. The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings is one of the titles on her account; currently works on the upcoming project of the studio, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Specializes mainly in designing and creating gameplay mechanisms in RPG games. Also has experience in level design.

Michał Hajduk [PL]

Alternative and jazz music curator at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw since 2008.

Michal is focused on exposing and promoting young and  vibrant talents from Poland  through different activities such as:

- “Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland” -  the annual showcase that has taken place in Warsaw since 2009 and worldwide since 2010,

- cooperating with leading trade show events and festivals like SXSW, CMJ, Culture Collide, The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Reeperbahn Festival, C/O Pop, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Primavera Pro, Waves Vienna, Tallinn Music Week, Womex and others.

- supporting other interdisciplinary projects and networking platforms and events.

Previously experienced as venue manager and curator, festival booker, A&R, bands manager, tour manager.

Adam Mickiewicz Institute is a state cultural institution whose task is to promote Polish culture around the world and actively participate in international cultural exchange.

Michał Turowski [PL]

Founder of the Oficyna Biedota label, which is dedicated to releasing limited quantity cassettes and CDr releases. So far he has worked with The Kurws, 19 Wiosen, Turnip Farm, Krojc and kIRk. On a daily basis, student of the University of Wrocław.

Myroslava Ganyushkina [UA]

Journalist, culture manager, deputy director of the ArtPole agency – occupied with organizing artistic projects, festivals, live shows, exhibitions and happenings. Organizer of the ArtPole festival, which combines music, theater and visual art. The festival brings together international audience members and artists. So far groups from, among other, Ukraine, France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Austria, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Georgia have performed at the event. The ArtPole agency aims at preserving harmony in the interaction between man and his surroundings, thus also organizes events from the scope of ecology or utilitarian art.

Olga Mykhailiuk [UA]

Journalist, culture manager, promoter of Ukrainian culture abroad. Video-art artist, who co-operated with the most influential Ukrainian and Russian media, a well as National Geographic. The author of a performative project, combining poetry, video and music entitled Novi Rozdilovi. Coordinator of the international ArtPole festival taking place in different regions of Ukraine. The festival gathers members of the international audience and artists. So far acts from, among others, Ukraine, France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Austria, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Georgia have taken part in the event. The ArtPole Agency aims at preserving harmony in the interaction between man and his surroundings, thus also organizes events from the scope of ecology or utilitarian art.

Pavlína Bartoňová [CZ]

The manager of Ensemble Inégal, which was founded in the year 2000. Under the leadership of conductor Adam Viktora, it earned international acclaim thanks to its highly praised concerts, thus becoming synonymous with the ongoing rediscovery of the legacy of the Czech baroque composer Jan Dismas Zelenka. The interpretative range of Ensemble Inégal spans from renaissance to contemporary music. In addition to early music, the ensemble has on its account innovatory performances and recordings of romantic (Dvořák, Rossini) and contemporary music (Britten, Pärt).

Paweł Jurczyk [PL]

Former employee of the Centrum Sztuki – Teatr Dramatyczny [Art Centre – Dramatic Theatre] in Legnica. Governed the Klub Miłośników Filmu [the Film Lovers Club] and the organization of music screenings and alternative group performances. After years, the activities were taken over by the Legnickie Centrum Kultury [the Legnica Culture Centre]. Due to the lack of performance space, the “strefa de…” and “freestage” shows are currently held in the “Spiżarnia” club.

Pep Salazar [E]

Executive director of the OFFF Festival, which was originated ten years ago as a post-digital culture festival. OFFF undergoes constant transformation. It is a place of the meeting of modern art and creation. Every year it is characterized by a rich programme, which is composed of conferences, workshops and performances by the most important artists of our time. Pep Salazar is a post-graduate of Cultural Policy and Arts Management at the University of Barcelona and Arts Management at the City University in London. As a freelancer specializing in production and logistics and technical coordination he has co-created various festivals including, among others, the Bracelona Jazz Festival, Sonar, FIB. He has worked for La Fura dels Baus, The Theatre, Terrassa Jazz Fesitval La Caixa, The Greek Festival, Centre of Contemporary Culture.

Piotr Podomarof [PL]

The University of Wrocław graduate. Uwr/IBM associate. As a scientists he researches the topic of computer games, trying to understand the mechanisms of communication taking place within them. Propagates the knowledge on the most up-to-date solutions in the IT branch. Incorrigible devourer of digital content: games, music and films.

Piotr Siuda [PL]

Sociology doctor, author of Religia a Internet [Religion and Internet] (2010) and Kultura prosumpcji [The Kulture of Prosumption] (2012). Fascinated with culture sociology and the social aspects of the Internet. Co-ordinator of a number of research projects, inc. Dzieci sieci [Children of the Net] and Prosumpcjonizm pop-przemysłów [Prosumptionism of Pop-industries]. Runs the Internet corner touching upon topics sociology-media-pop-culture-related.

Radek Spanier [PL]

Co-founder of the Wrocław band Hetane, musician, camera operator. A culture anthropologist. Has released two albums – “Machines” and “Animan” with the band Hetane. The latter was created thanks to crowdfunding. Apart from music, is occupied with video productions, among others, “Włącz Off”.

Sebastian Żołnowski [PL]

An enthusiast of the idea of habitats, associate of Cohabitatu with which he organized, among others, the Cohabitat Gathering 2012, which set a record in Poland – gathered 90 thousand PLN (Polish zlotys) in 30 days. Co-founder of Mieszadła – the Warsaw department of the Cohabitat foundation. In his free time increases his own personal productivity and lays on the grass gazing at the sky.

Simon Kardum [SI]

Cultural policy strategist, journalist. In 1988 he graduated in Slovenian language and literature as well as Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. In years 1988-1997 he worked as a dramaturg for contemporary stage performances, an artistic director of festivals, a lecturer and was notably one of the most piercing critics and analysts in fields of art, culture and cultural policy. In years 1997–2005 he worked at the Ministry of culture and participated in the development of Ministry’s major projects and strategic programmes, he resigned from his position to become a freelance journalist. From 2006 he served as Programme Director of Cerknica cultural centre; from 2008 as General Manager-in-Office of Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture and from 2009 as General Manager.

Kino Šiška Centre is a centre for contemporary and urban creativity serving Ljubljana and wider Slovenia. It is the first and only Slovenian project of its kind to be dedicated to music, theatre, dance and experimental productions. Having listed more than 900 events in three years, Kino Šiška with its programme stands for and combines urbanity, multiculturalism, political impartiality, technological progress, while also promoting innovation, creativity and international cooperation.

Slavo Krekovic [SK]

Musician, musicologist, curator of modern art and new media, journalist and culture manager. Has acquired the title of MA and doctor of musicology at the New York University. Organizer and curator of numerous events from the circles of experimental music and multimedia including the NEXT festival and Multiplace – a festival of the culture of new media. In 2004 has founded the independent A4 culture centre in Bratislava. Moreover, he’s a producer of contemporary music.

Sławomir Sochaj [PL]

Tomasz Sikora [PL]

Journalist and Radio Wrocław presenter. Editor-in-chief of the web portal, a doctorate and lecturer at the University of Wrocław. Winner of the Polish-German Journalist 2007 Award for the “Od Milupy do Radia Solidarności Walczącej [From Milupa to the Fighting Solidarity Radio]” coverage.

Wojciech Kucharczyk [PL]

Musician, drummer, producer, designer, culture animator. Runs the MIK MUSIK micro label since 1995. Has tens of releases, numerous exhibitions, books, albums and numerous carried out graphic and visual projects on his account. Moreover, he has co-worked and co-created the following projects: The Complainer, Mołr Drammaz, Retro*Sex*Galaxy, Pathman, Go Underground To See More Animals, HWD Jazz. Also performs solo under his own name.

Łukasz Medeksza [PL]

Representative of Zarząd Województwa Dolnośląskiego ds. rozwoju społeczeństwa informacyjnego [the Lower Silesian Vivodeship Management Board representative regarding the development of the digital society]. Co-author of the strategy of the city of Wałbrzych development support and the strategy of the development of the city of Kłodzko. Journalist, associate of, among others, the “Panorama Dolnośląska” weekly and Radio Wrocław, as local, regional politics and new media specialist. Vice president of the Towarzystwo Urbanistów Polskich [Polish City Planning Association] management board.